Get involved in science education and outreach

The National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Training is launching a science education and outreach program to connect scientists with schools in the community.  This program aims to enhance our next generation of scientist's STEM experiences in middle and high school, while empowering teachers to provide high-quality science education.

Work on your science communication skills

Volunteers will develop their skills in communicating science  clearly to individuals of all ages and scientific backgrounds.  Opportunities will range from sharing your education and research experiences to middle and high school students to providing professional development workshops to the teachers.

Give back to the community

Support science education for youth in the D.C. - Maryland - Virginia area.  Volunteers can help inspire passion for science, as well as an understanding of scientific principles, which can be used for many areas of life.

Gain insight into careers in science outreach and program management

Volunteers can gain valuable experience and insight into science outreach careers by both organizing and participating in outreach events.

Interested in participating?  Still have questions?  Please contact Cora Hersh (cora.hersh@nih.gov) or Patty Wiley (patty.wiley@nih.gov)